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International Post Office

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There is one International post office and telephone office in Pattaya and it is located on Soi 15 (Soi Post Office). There is another post office in Naklua on Sawang Fa Road.

Visitors to Pattaya often look for the Pattaya Post Office so they can send postcards and other parcels to friends, family and the office. The facilities at Pattaya Post Office are modern and the staff is very accommodating.

If you need to ship anything via International post then see which post office is closest to you. The Pattaya Post Office located on Soi 15 is the most centrally located and can easily be added to your day of sightseeing or business in Pattaya.

When traveling it is always a good idea to keep the name and location of area post offices handy. In Pattaya you will want to remember the Pattaya Post Office on Soi 15.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008