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Pattaya as a trading center

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Pattaya is most famous for being a tourist destination with primarily a tourist economy. The booming tourism industry has also resulted in Pattaya becoming a trading center where people from Thailand can sell their wares including: clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, art and more.

Many tourists come to Pattaya with shopping on their mind. They know that they can buy high quality items at very reasonable prices. Many local fishermen, craftsmen, tailors and artisans are able to sell their wares to the millions of tourists who visit Pattaya every year.

Tailors & Handicraftsmen

The streets of Pattaya are often dotted with tailors offering 24-hour service. Visitors can have incredible garments including suits and dresses made exclusively for them while they sleep. Many businessmen and women take advantage of these high quality, low-priced tailors.

In addition to the talented men and women who make and alter clothing there are many artisans and handicraftsmen. Stunning jewelry and handicrafts that are woven, carved and created by hand are bought and sold every day in Pattaya as tourists hungry for these items come with money to spend.

There are thousands of vendors who make their living based on shopping of tourists in Pattaya. From nearby shipping villages to merchants in and around Pattaya, considerable trade is transacted on an annual basis.

Though tourism is and will remain the primary economy of Pattaya, trade is a strong component of the overall economy of Pattaya that was bourne out of the tourism industry.

Local and foreign visitors to Pattaya often come specifically for the ability to purchase items including: furniture, jewelry, apparel, art and other handicrafts giving rise to Pattaya as a trading center.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007