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Buddhism in Pattaya

Pattaya Culture | Buddhism in Pattaya: temples and religion

Buddhism is the most widely practiced religion in Thailand. In fact, approximately 95% of all Thai people follow Buddhism, primarily the Theravda school.

There are many Buddhist festivals celebrated throughout Thailand including in Pattaya. Buddhism in Thailand has become entwined with other folk beliefs including influences from Chinese religions as a result of the large Thai-Chinese population in Thailand.

There are a number of Buddhist pilgrimage sites that are popular with locals as well as visitors who wish to pay their respects. Visitors should remember to be respectful and never touch a monk and to always dress appropriately when visiting a place of worship.

Traditions and Ceremonies

There are many Thai Buddhists that celebrate the traditions and ceremonies of the religion. Many visitors are fortunate enough to see these ceremonies and traditional dances that celebrate the religion.

Pattaya has Buddhist temples that are as popular with locals worshipping as they are with visitors paying respects and learning more about the local culture including the Buddhist religion.

Many visitors and locals find it intriguing that the deep seeded beliefs in Buddhism can live side by side with prurient interests that make Pattaya the adult playground it has become. Accepting of various lifestyles including the gay and lesbian lifestyle the accepting nature of Buddhism and the Thai population make Pattaya truly unique.

Walking around Pattaya you will see Go-Go bars, gay bars, biker bars and stunning Buddhist temples virtually side-by-side. The ability to worship in a city known as a playground adds to the allure of this magical resort town.

Last Updated: 19 Dec 2007