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The Pattaya Gay Festival

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Pattaya is a fun and lively place and the Pattaya Gay Festival is one of the most exciting and vibrant times in Pattaya. The highlight of the "gay Pattaya" calendar, the Pattaya Gay Festival is a unique opportunity for gays, lesbians and open-minded adults from around the world.

The key to the Pattaya Gay Festival is to promote acceptance, tolerance and raise money for important charitable organizations. People who visit the Pattaya Gay Festival have a wonderful time and help raise millions of Baht for the important charities supported by the event.

There are many events throughout the year that make up the Pattaya Gay Festival including the Final 2006 Street Party in Boyz Town, Bruno's World AIDS Day Dinner, Mr. Pattaya Gay Festival, Dick's Café Anniversary Party, The Balcony Restaurant Pattaya dinner, MR. Body Beautiful Contest at Throb, Panorama Pool Competition, Dinners at restaurants including: Buron's Amor, Symphony and Café New Orleans, the Opening Street Party of Boyz Town and the Throb Thank You Party.

Attending these events are sure to be an eye-opening experience as Gay Pattaya comes to life during these events.

Gay Pattaya: The Atmosphere

The Thai culture is very accepting and gay and lesbian visitors often marvel at how comfortable and safe they feel as they explore gay nightlife, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. With so much to offer, Gay Pattaya is competing with the legendary gay scenes of New York and San Francisco.

If you are planning to visit Pattaya for one or more of the events of the Pattaya Gay Festival you may wish to consider the following venues that are owned, operated or supportive of the gay community: Ambiance Hotel Group, Amor Restaurant, Balcony Restaurant, Balls Sports Bar, Boyz Boyz Boyz, Bruno's Restaurant, Café New Orleans, Dick's Café Bangkok, Funny Boys, Honest Gems, Le Café Royale, Lux'or Restaurant, Mata Hari Restaurant, My Life Bar, Panorama Pub, Quuens Jomtien, Symphony Restaurant, Tarntawan Place Hotel, Throb Splash Showbar, Top Man Cabaret and White Night Restaurant.

There are many ways to enjoy Gay Pattaya and partaking in one or more of the Pattaya Gay Festival events is a great way to enjoy yourself and connect with the gay and lesbian community in and around Pattaya and the visitors from around the world.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2007