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Grand Pattaya International Music Festival

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There are many fun Pattaya events throughout the year and one of the most fun and exciting is the Grand Pattaya International Music Festival. This Pattaya music festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Music of all types and from artists from around the world can be enjoyed on the various stages of the festival.

The artists invited to the Pattaya music festival are diverse and come from around the world with an emphasis on South East Asian artists. Visitors to Pattaya during the Pattaya music festival can enjoy many different types of music by both legendary and up and coming artists in all different musical genres.

Of all the Pattaya events this is the primary event for music lovers from around the world. Typically scheduled in March, Pattaya comes alive during the days leading up to and encompassing the Pattaya music festival.

The list of performers is nearly as long as the list of bars and restaurants that are filled with visitors and locals in town to enjoy the music festival. There are few times of the year as beloved as the days of the Grand Pattaya International Music Festival.

Pattaya Music Festival - What You Need to Know

Check the dates before scheduling your airline and hotel reservations. You can see a roster of talent and what stages they will be performing on and when. You can plan to see particular acts or pick the stage that most intrigues you and stay and watch the talented solo acts, duos and groups.

The festival has a great atmosphere and hotel rooms fill up quickly. Try to book your hotel rooms in advance. You will also find that bars and restaurants fill up quickly so if you want reservations at your favorite restaurant you will want to call as far in advance as possible.

Locals embrace the festival and visitors and this makes for a great event for singles, couples, families and friends on holiday. Plan your next holiday to Pattaya during this popular Pattaya music festival and enjoy all of the sights, tastes and of course sounds of Pattaya during the Grand Pattaya International Music Festival.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007