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Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest

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The Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest is one of the highlights of the Pattaya Festival. It is important for visitors to note that the Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest is a contest by actual women (there are similarly named contest that are for transvestites and men).

The Pattaya Festival is held in the middle of April and is one of the year's highlights. Designed to promote tourism the festival includes a number of contests including water sports and the Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest.

The first crown for Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest was awarded in 1998 and the contest remains a popular event in Pattaya.

The Pattaya festival is a fun and lively event that is enjoyed by locals and visitors to Pattaya. There are water sports, sand castle building contests, the Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest, great music, wonderful food and spectacular fireworks displays.

You can also experience many cultural performances, exhibits and art shows during the Pattaya Festival.

Pattaya Festival: A Family Affair

The Pattaya Festival including the Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest is a family-friendly even that has something for everyone. The festival is a lively, happy event that embraces visitors from around the world.

Shopping, food, drink, spectacles and contest all make this a unique time to visit Pattaya. Hotel rooms can be somewhat difficult to get during the festival so you will want to book your hotel rooms as far in advance as possible.

Pattaya is known around the world as an adult playground but it is also very family friendly so do not hesitate to plan a family holiday to Pattaya. Events like the Pattaya Festival and the Buffalo Races highlight great family-friendly events that make Pattaya a great destination for business travelers and holiday travelers.

If you find yourself fin Pattaya during the Pattaya Festival make sure you enjoy the festivities and see if you can watch the Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest while you are there.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007