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Pattaya Culture | The local Thai people of Pattaya

The Local people of Pattaya are part of the attraction of this magnificent city. The friendly, warm people of Pattaya are in part why millions of people visit the city year after year. From the friendly young men and women, to the accommodating adults the people of Pattaya are special.

Pattaya Population Living in Paradise

The local Thai people of Pattaya are and should be happy. The local men, girls and children live in a beautify city with a strong economy and millions visitors pouring money into their economy.

There are many opportunities for the local population to earn a living. Opportunities exist in the hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping centers, bars, clubs and tourist attractions that are filled with visitors day after day, night after night.

Local artisans also have hundreds or even thousands of people seeing their products as shopping remains vibrant in Pattaya. The legendary beaches are as full of local men, women and children as it is visitors. The difference is many Thai people will go swimming fully dressed rather than wearing skimpy bathing suits.

Living in Pattaya - Diversity

Pattaya is a very tolerant community and is accepting of different backgrounds and interests. The welcoming nature of Pattaya makes it a great place to live. There is incredible nightlife, wonderful restaurants, a vibrant local economy and constant excitement and energy which makes Pattaya a great place to live.

The diversity extends to lifestyle choices including the acceptance of the gay and lesbian population, bikers, religious men and women, singles, couples and families. This diversity helps keep Pattaya inviting to people from around the world.

The Locals - Treat them Right

Visitors should keep a number of things in mind perhaps the most important of which is to never lose face by losing your temper. Your feet are considered dirty so make sure you do not raise them or point them directly at someone. Also you should try to avoid touching someone on the head.

Typically you should remove your shoes when indoors and the locals will always remove their shoes. The locals are more conservative than you may realize and they tend to act very formal in public situations. Public displays of affection are rare, even holding hands in public is considered taboo.

Remember that the Thai population has a great affection for the Royal Family and you should show proper deference. Try to remain gracious and accommodating when dealing with Pattaya locals, but beware the scam artists that may try to take advantage of your attempts to fit in.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007