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Pattaya Mermaid Dive Center: Underwater heads up

The Mermaid Dive Centre in Jomtien is a haven for people who enjoy scuba diving. The centre offers opportunities for great Pattaya diving as well as instruction and certifications so you can enjoy Pattaya scuba diving on your next holiday to Pattaya.

The primary areas for Pattaya diving are actually located about 20-30 kilometers from Pattaya on the islands of Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Keung Badaan, Koh Hu Chang and Koh Phi. There are over 20 different dive sites you can go to with the Mermaid Dive Centre.

Pattaya scuba diving in this area will include you seeing many different species of soft coral and hard coral as well as schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks. Pattaya diving also gives you a great chance to see blue spotted stingrays, porcupine puffer fish and moray eels.

There are also two intact shipwrecks that can be seen in the Samae San area including the Petchburi Bremen (an old freighter) and The Hardeep (cargo ship). The cargo ship can actually be navigated from end to end since it is completely intact.

Pattaya Diving - Instruction & Certification

While visiting Pattaya you can also learn how to dive. There are different courses available at Mermaid Dive Centre including: PADI Open Water Course (a 4-day program that earns you an internationally recognized license), Discover Scuba Diving (a one day-course that teaches you the basics of diving at one of the island beaches), a PADI Continuing Education class (advanced, rescue and Divemaster instruction) and Technical Diving (PADI Enriched Air Specialty Diving Course). The facility offers other Pattaya diving courses so you can contact them directly for more information.

Pattaya scuba diving is one of the most rewarding and exciting water sport offered in or around Pattaya. Though you can go diving off the beaches of Pattaya the water is murky. The islands that Mermaid Dive Centre brings you too have much higher visibility and much better diving. Serious and novice divers alike will enjoy Pattaya diving with Mermaid Dive Centre.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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