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Visitors to Pattaya should keep the name, addresses and telephone numbers of area hospitals with them at all times. One of the most respected Pattaya hospitals is Pattaya International Hospital located on Soi 4 (between Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road) and their telephone number is: 038-428374/5.

If you are visiting Pattaya and have a specific medical condition that may need special care during your trip (either anticipated or non-anticipated care) you may want to contact Pattaya International Hospital and inquire whether or not they have the proper facilities to care for your needs.

Visiting any country with a medical condition poses a certain level of risk. Knowing in advance which Pattaya hospitals are equipped to assist you should the need arise can help reduce the risk factor. We strongly encourage all travelers to be aware of the Pattaya hospitals, their locations and their contact information.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008