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The most centrally located hospital among the Pattaya hospitals is Pattaya Memorial Hospital located on Central Pattaya Road (Telephone: +66(0)38 488 777).

Pattaya Memorial Hospital is considered by many to be the most convenient of the Pattaya hospitals, however, Pattaya International Hospital does maintain a better reputation in the industry. That is not to say that you will not get proper care at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Standing tall in the heart of Pattaya, our hospital has proudly helped people in the community for over 29 years. Our hospital has excellent facilities and our health services are trusted by numerous businesses, organizations, hospitals, hotels and insurance companies around the world.

It is strongly recommended that visitors keep the names, addresses and phone numbers of several Pattaya hospitals in their wallet or purse to ensure that they are readily available in case of emergency or other medical needs. People who are traveling with the knowledge that they may need special medical care should contact the hospitals in advance to ensure they have the proper facilities.

Last Updated: 25 Jan 2011