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People who enjoy Pattaya bars often look for bars with live music: One reliable music bar in Pattaya is Bamboo Bar on Walking Street in South Pattaya.

Bamboo Bar has great live music, drinks served by a fast and happy staff and a warm, fun, inviting atmosphere. Known for playing old favorites, the bar has bamboo tables and great live music.

Unlike the Go-Go bars that are focused on sex and prostitution these live music Pattaya bars are all about good drinks and great music. The perfect way to end your busy day of business or recreation in Pattaya is to enjoy the sounds of music at one of the Pattaya bars with live music.

Bamboo Bar is one of the most recommended Pattaya bars. Whether you are in town for only one or two nights or you are staying for a longer business trip or holiday make sure you head on over to Bamboo Bar and see why it is one of the most recommended of the Pattaya bars.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008