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Gay men and women have always felt comfortable in Pattaya. The accepting Thai culture and the live and let live attitude of the visitors to Pattaya make it a great holiday destination for gays and lesbians.

Though there are a number of gay go-go bars in Pattaya some of the most popular venues are the Pattaya gay beer bars. The beer bars have plenty of good looking men but they aren't just the ones performing.

Gay men visiting Pattaya may want to consider the following Pattaya gay beer bars: Ambiance Coffee Shop (Pattayaland 3), Coco Banana Pub (Pattayaland 3), Le Café Royal Piano Bar (Pattayaland 3) and Serene Pub (Pattayaland 3).

The Pattaya gay beer bars and go-go bars are primarily located in the area of Pattayaland3 and Pattayaland1. The fact that many of the bars and clubs are in the same area (known as Boyz Town) makes it fun for gay men to go out and have a good time in Pattaya.

The great daytime recreation and the hot nighttime recreation in Pattaya make it a fun place for gays and lesbians. If you are visiting Pattaya and want to explore the gay scene make sure you visit one or two of the Pattaya gay beer bars.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008