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Gay Clubs and Gay Go-Go Bars

Pattaya Nightlife | Pattaya nightlife

Pattaya has an amazing nightlife and the gay scene is just as hot. There are many gay bars and clubs to choose from and the Pattaya gay Go-Go bars are among the most popular of all the Gay Go-Go bars.

The Thai culture is accepting and welcoming and gay men and women feel very comfortable in Pattaya. The gay nightlife is hot and the Gay Go-Go bars in Pattaya are always packed with gay locals and visitors enjoying some hot gay go-go dancers.

The Pattaya gay clubs and bars are located in central areas making it easy to go from one bar to the other until you find a hot guy or two that you want watch and perhaps leave with.

Pattaya Gay Go-Go Bars: Where to Go

There are a number of gay Go-Go bars in Pattaya. Some of the most popular of them include: A-Bomb Boy's A Go-Go (Pattayaland 1), Believe Boy's A-Go-Go (Back of Day Night), Boyz Boyz Boyz A-Go-Go (Pattayaland 3), Classic Boys Club (Pattayaland 1), Jolly Boy's Studio A-Go-Go (Pattayaland 3), K Boy's A-Go-Go (Soi VC Sunee Plaza), Nok Nok Boy's A-Go-Go (Sunee Plaza), Studio Boy's A-Go-Go (Back of Day Night) and Throb Boy's A-Go-Go (Pattayaland 3).

All of these Pattaya gay Go-Go bars are hopping and two of the most popular are Boyz Boyz Boyz and Throb Boy's A-Go-Go.

The men are hot, the drinks are cold and the music is pumping at these Pattaya gay clubs. Gay visitors should feel comfortable attending any of these bars and clubs.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008