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Clubs in Pattya appeal to all different interests. You can find clubs in Pattaya to dance the night away, watch adult entertainment, enjoy live music or any combination of these things.

When researching and choosing clubs in Pattaya make sure you know enough about the club to make an informed decision. There are clubs in Pattaya that cater to specific interests including male dances, female dancers, gay clubs, straight clubs, go-go clubs and more.

Dance Clubs in Pattaya

The Roof and Tony's Disco are two of the most popular dance clubs in Pattaya. Many of the local hotels and resorts also have dance clubs that you can enjoy. You may want to plan an evening of dinner, after dinner drinks and then dancing at one of the resorts.

Go-Go Clubs in Pattaya - by Location

Some of the most popular clubs in Pattaya are Go-Go clubs. Here is a listing of some popular Go-Go clubs in Pattaya broken out by location.

Walking Street Go-Go Clubs in Pattaya

If you are staying near or find yourself near Walking Street, the clubs you may want to check-out are: Babe Watch, Club Boesche, Diamond a Gogo, Dollhouse a Gogo, Electric Blue, Living Dolls, Heavan Above, Hooty's Showgirls, Paris a Gogo, Shark a Gogo, Tahitian Queen and Whats Up a Gogo

Pattaya Land 1 & 2

Some Go-Go clubs in Pattaya in this area include: Classroom, Kittens Club, Mistys a Gogo, Pattaya Fun Land (consisting of 3 clubs) and Spicy Girls.

Clubs in Pattaya - Keep it Safe

As a visitor to Pattaya you need to be aware of scams and illegal activity and do your best to protect yourself and your possessions including your passport, wallet and other personal affects. Prostitution and illegal drugs can often be found in some of the clubs in Pattaya. Local law enforcement takes these crimes very seriously and often looks for these activities in clubs in Pattaya.

When visiting Pattaya it is a good idea to speak to the staff at your hotel or resort and find out the happening clubs in Pattaya. Some clubs are more popular on certain nights of the week and you will want to know what you can expect at the different clubs before you choose your destination for the evening.

There is not shortage of clubs in Pattaya. Anyone who enjoys the club scene should be able to find one or more of the clubs in Pattaya to pique their interest.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007