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Pattaya Go-go Clubs and Bars

Pattaya Nightlife | Thai girls dancing in go-go shows and bars

Pattaya nightlife has something for everyone and if you enjoy go-go clubs and show bars then you will love the Pattaya Go-Go clubs and Pattaya show bars. The women are beautiful and the shows are sexy helping make the hot Pattaya nightlife even hotter.

First-time visitors are often surprised at the number of Pattaya go-go clubs and show bars there are. They are even more surprised by the caliber of the women and the overtly sexual nature of the shows.

Visitors to the Pattaya Go-Go clubs and Pattaya show bars should also keep in mind that many of the women who work at the bars and clubs are professionals (prostitutes). If you pay a "bar fine" (the cost to leave with one of these women) you will want to make sure that she has proper identification (the legal age for escorts is 18).

Pattaya Go-Go Clubs & Pattaya Show Bars - Where to Go

Though there are many Pattaya Go-Go clubs and Pattaya show bars, there are some that stand out above the others. Visitors looking to explore this aspect of Pattaya nightlife may want to visit: Big Willie's A Go-Go (Upstairs Soi Diamond Arcade), Bubbles A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), The Classroom A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), Doll House A Go-Go (Walking Street), Lipstick A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), Living Dolls A Go-Go (Walking Street), Misty's A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), Planet Rock Disco (Pattayaland 2), Rodeo Girls A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2), Spicy Girls (Pattayaland 1), Soi 8 A Go-Go (Soi 8 near 2nd Road), Tahitian Queen 1 A Go-Go (Beach Road), Tahitian Queen 2 A Go-Go (Soi BJ off Walking Street), Tim Beer Bar and A Go-Go (2nd Road, South Pattaya) and Venus A Go-Go (Pattayaland 2).

These bars and clubs vary in crowd depending on the night but they represent some of the most popular Pattaya Go-Go clubs and Pattaya show clubs.

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2008