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Hard Rock Café Pattaya

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What do you get when you combine Pattaya's legendary nightlife with one of rock's most electrifying cafes? Hard Rock Café in Pattaya.

The Hard Rock Café Pattaya is located at the Hard Rock Hotel in South East Asia's most exciting hotspot. Known for decades as the ultimate place for holidays in the region, Pattaya has legendary nightlife.

The Hard Rock Café is where you can get standard and good American food while you dine surrounded by rock 'n roll memorabilia. The music is always pumping the staff is fast and accommodating and the food is reliable.

Many visitors to Pattaya look for a change of pace and the Hard Rock Café Pattaya offers them exactly that. This uniquely American venue is perfect to enjoy a drink, a great meal, awesome music and terrific memorabilia from the legends of rock music.

Open from 11am to 2am the Hard Rock Café Pattaya is always rockin'. Anyone visiting Pattaya should consider a trip to the Hard Rock Café Pattaya.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008