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Pattaya nightlife is at the heart and soul of what makes Pattaya special and there are many great shows in Pattaya to watch. For those looking for what can best be called Las Vegas style shows you will want to check out the famous cabaret shows in Pattaya an important part of Pattaya nightlife.

Cabaret shows in Pattaya are not for everyone since not all visitors are comfortable with men in drag, also known as transvestites, cross-dressers, etc. Those who are comfortable with seeing these types of performances will be impressed with the music, choreography, costumes and performances.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

One of the most famous of all the cabaret shows in Pattaya is Alcazar, one of the most popular venues in Pattaya nightlife. Female impersonators at Alcazar are among the best in Thailand. Visitors often question the gender of the performers even though they know that the performers are actually men. It is not uncommon to see the audience looking for an Adam's apple or some other sign that the "woman" before them is actually a man.

The performance is cabaret and features many performers wearing often extravagant costumes including evening wear. The theater seats 1,200 people and it is often completely full. There is a high quality light show and sound system. The annual Greatest Lady-man Pageant in the World is a popular event that has people coming from all over.

Tiffany's Show - Cabaret

Alcazar is second to perhaps only Tiffany's Show though one can easily be argued as better than the other. In its third decade, Tiffany's Show has long stood as one of the finest cabaret shows in Pattaya and all of Thailand.

Tiffany's Show was the first cabaret show of this type in South East Asia. The show is just over an hour and is a spectacle of light, sound, costume and talent. The dazzling sets help show off stunning "show girls".

Audience members are often left spell-bound and unsure of the gender of the performers, but just like Alcazar all of the performers are male.

Both of these cabaret shows and the others in Pattaya cater to all visitors. In fact, audiences are often primarily heterosexual though gay travelers do also frequent the shows.

Visitors looking for the spectacle of a Las Vegas style show will not be disappointed with the cabaret shows of Pattaya.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008

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