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Nightlife in Pattaya is spectacular. You can find things to do no matter what your tastes. There are clubs, bars, wine bars, gay bars and clubs, shows, lounges and just about everything you can think of in Pattaya.

Choosing what to do in Pattaya to fill your evenings may be difficult because there are so many options. Rest assured, however, that you will have options. Whether you want to try your hand at a local casino, watch boxing or football, enjoy a drink or two, go dancing, or just watch others having a good time, you will find more than one option for all of them!

Nightlife in Pattaya - Live Music

If you love Live Music, there are a number of different options including: After That (large beer bar with a stage), Bamboo Bar (dancing and live music), Blues Factory (high quality music), Elvis Pub (the king of all Elvis music places), FLB (house band plays), Hopf Brew House (upscale crowd), Star Music (live band, good conversation), Moon River Pub (bands from around the world every night except Monday) and Sharky's (two floors with solid food and beverages).

Nightlife in Pattaya - Dancing

If you are looking to dance the night away there are three primary options: Marine where some of the best looking men and women go, Tony's Entertainment Complex and Cool Spot where a good looking crowd can enjoy some expensive drinks and Z-zyte where Thai dance music keeps the party going for hours.

Nightlife in Pattaya - Cabarets

If you are one of those people who think life is a Cabaret you are in luck! Pattaya is known for its cabaret shows. The three most popular are: Alcazar, Simon and Tiffany Show. The beautiful "women" who perform can have you guessing gender for hours. But we'll make it easy - they're men!

Nightlife in Pattaya - Miscellaneous Options

If none of these choices strike your fancy, do not be alarmed. There are coffee bars, wine bars, lounges, concerts, strolls along the beach and many other options. Pattaya has both exciting and relaxing nightlife to keep you entertained night after night.

Whether you are looking to socialize, relax, dance the night away, meet attractive men or women, or just about anything else you can think of, Pattaya has nightlife options for you.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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