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Pattaya nightlife is fun, exciting and electrifying. Pattaya discos keep the Pattaya nightlife pumping night after night. Locals and visitors from around the world flock to the Pattaya discos to enjoy great music and dancing.

Many of the Pattaya discos are the focal points of Pattaya nightlife. Packed with hot men and women enjoy great music, the Pattaya discos are always a fun time. The most recommended of the Pattaya discos are: Hollywood Disco (South Pattaya Road, a favorite of locals and tourists), Marine Disco (Walking Street, this Pattaya disco gets hot after 1am), Palladium Disco (Pattaya 2nd Road, high energy, high tech club), Tony's (Walking Street, expensive drinks but a unique crowd) and XZyte (Beach Road - Thai nightclub).

Whether you start your Pattaya nightlife at one of the Pattaya discos or head there after a beer bar or Go-Go bar you can be assured that Pattaya nightlife is never hotter than at one of the Pattaya discos.

These Pattaya discos stay open late and its not uncommon to see people heading home while other people are heading to work or to catch some early morning rays at the beach. If you want to experience the full gamut of Pattaya nightlife you need to visit one of the Pattaya discos.

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2007