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Pattaya shows are great entertainment. Make sure you consider the ages of your entire party before deciding on which Pattaya shows you want to attend. Some of the shows can include some risqué behavior that may not be appropriate for children of all ages.

Pattaya Cabaret Shows

Pattaya cabaret shows are extremely popular. These shows are fun and entertaining. Performed by men, these shows feature stunning "women" in breathtaking costumes and a great show.

The two most popular cabaret shows in Pattaya are Alcazar and Tiffany Show. The price of admission is very reasonable. At Alcazar Show you can pay a little extra and actually have an interactive show…you can actually see up close and touch their soft, smooth skin.

Visitors to these shows often marvel at the costumes, performances and how these men can really keep you wondering if they are men or women. But rest assured they are all men.

Live Music Shows

There are plenty of bars and clubs with live music to choose from with the most popular being: Blues Factory, FLB Bar, Heart Beat, Jazz Pit, Moon River Pub & Restaurant, Elvis Bar and Shenanigans Pub & Restaurant. You can see local and International bands performing, and at Elvis Bar you can see a world class Elvis-impersonator performance.

You should call ahead and make sure there is a show on the night you want to attend, not all of these bars have a musical act 7 nights per week, but you will have options any night you want to see a live musical show.

Alangkarn Cultural Show

This cultural show is a modern twist on the traditional Thai cultural shows. A unique combination of restaurants, theatre and cultural entertainment, this show is a real crowd pleaser. A top quality surround sound system and a multi-colored laser show add to the spectacle of this well choreographed show.

Go-Go Shows

Go-Go shows are also popular in Pattaya. Some shows feature female dancers and others feature male dancers so you want to make sure you know which is which beforehand. The gay section of town is called Boyz Town. Thai people are tolerant of alternative lifestyles and offers a welcoming environment.

Muay Thai Demonstrations

If you get the opportunity to see Muay Thai demonstrations you should try to make the time. These Thai boxing demonstrations combine wonderful athleticism, artistry, power and grace. Visitors to Thailand often marvel at the spectacle and this is one show that will impress virtually everyone.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008

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