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Second Road Pattaya

Pattaya Nightlife | Bars and nightlife on Second Road

Second Road in Pattaya is most popular for the legendary Pattaya bars that comprise Pattaya nightlife. There are a number of things to see and do on Second Road Pattaya but there are only a handful that jump out to visitors.

Second Road Pattaya - Atlantic Bar

All Pattaya bars are popular including Atlantic Bar on Second Road Pattaya. This bar claims to have the most beautiful girls in Pattaya. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder many visitors agree that the girls at Atlantic Bar on Second Road Pattaya are quite beautiful.

Visitor to Atlantic Bar also point out that the bar is inviting and the staff is very accommodating.

Second Road Pattaya - Intira Bar

Intira Bar is another of the popular Pattaya bars. This bar is a go-go bar with girls from 18 - 23 years old. It is also known for showing football on a large-screen TV for those visitors who enjoy a good football match.

Darts, a pool table and a solid staff make this a popular venue in Pattaya nightlife.

Second Road Pattaya - Lord Nelson Pub & Queen Victoria Inn

Lord Nelson Pub is one of the Pattaya bars that are traditional English pubs. This popular venue keeps Brits happy as well as visitors from around the world who love a good English pub.

Sports on the television, great beer served by a solid staff and billiards all add to the allure of this Pattaya bar.

Queen Victoria Inn is another staple of Pattaya nightlife and is certainly one of the more popular Pattaya bars. This English pub has good food, great beer and a terrific staff that keep visitors happy all night.

Second Road Pattaya - Shenanigans & Three Ladies Bar

Great name, great venue - Shenanigans is a popular Irish bar and restaurant in the Royal Garden Plaza (located on the second floor). You can get really solid food, great drinks and plenty of atmosphere as you enjoy Pattaya nightlife at Shenanigans.

Three Ladies Bar has received mixed reviews but it is still one of the popular Pattaya bars that make up the legendary nightlife of Pattaya. There are plenty more than three ladies at the bar so expect to be surrounded…and propositioned.

Your visit to Second Road Pattaya will be interesting as you enjoy some Pattaya bars and the absolutely legendary Pattaya nightlife.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008