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SBI Superstar Action Karaoke

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Pattaya karaoke is a great way to enjoy time with family, friends and strangers. At the center of Pattaya family fun is SBI Superstar Action Karaoke. This is as much fun to watch as it is to participate in making it a great night out in Pattaya.

There are over 20,000 songs in 20 different languages to choose from making this an International delight. Private rooms let you perform for select guests only or you can perform in the main room.

Visitors should plan to spend a few hours at SBI Superstar Action Karaoke because once you get there you won't want to leave. One of the most fun experiences in all of Pattaya and a beacon of Pattaya family fun, SBI Superstar Action Karaoke will not disappoint.

The staff is friendly, fun and efficient and the entertainment ranges from amazing to bizarre to just plain awful. The more awful the more fun! This is a great night out for singles, couples, groups and families.

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2007