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Tiffany Show in Pattaya

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Beauty Queen

Pattaya nightlife is legendary and the Pattaya cabaret shows have been a main stay of Pattaya nightlife for decades. One of the most popular of the cabaret shows is the Tiffany Show.

Tiffany's Show has been one of the most popular cabaret shows in South East Asia. In its third decade of production the show gets better every year. The performers are transvestites (men) who wear spectacular costumes on elaborate stage sets and perform fun and lively routines.

Many visitors are left with their mouths open as they wonder aloud if the cast is really all men…but rest assured they are! The Pattaya cabaret shows are as popular with heterosexual visitors as they are with gay visitors and the opening and accepting attitude of the Thai people make it a comfortable place to be yourself and enjoy great Pattaya nightlife.

Adding to the intrigue of Tiffany's at the same site you can enjoy a shooting range and learn how to shoot a long rifle or handgun. This interesting combination of entertainment is a further example of why Pattaya nightlife is the best in the area.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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