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The Windmill Club

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The Windmill Club is one of the most popular of the Pattaya Gogo bars. Visitors from around the world flock to The Windmill Club to meet some beautiful Thai women and enjoy great drinks, conversation and fun.

The Windmill Club is all about having fun and the attentive staff and responsive management want to make sure all visitors have a great time and want to come back again.

Anyone visiting Pattaya for the first time may be a little surprised with how forward the girls in the Pattaya Gogo bars are, especially if they are not used to visiting a place where prostitution is legal.

Windmill Club - Why It's Popular

Visitors to the Windmill Club usually refer to the well priced drinks, attentive staff and beautiful girls as the reason they enjoy this Pattaya Gogo bar and return night after night. There is a Happy Hour starting at 7:00PM and lasting three hours instead of just one.

People love the mix of 70s and 80s music playing at the bar and there is a huge television showing the biggest sports events of the evening. Gogo shows entertain every 30 minutes with beautiful girls performing risqué and entertaining sets.

Pattaya Gogo bars are not the place for conservative folks who do not enjoy this type of atmosphere but for those visitors who do the Windmill Club is one of the Pattaya Gogo bars you want to add to your list of Pattaya nightlife.

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2007