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Recommended on a Budget

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If you are traveling to Pattaya and you want to have a great time while sticking to a budget you want to keep a few things in mind.

These recommendations are based on standard pricing, but pricing changes from season to season so keep that in mind when planning your trip to Pattaya.

Recommended Budget Hotels

There are a number of hotels recommended on a budget, but keep in mind that you may find great last minute deals for high-end hotels. While looking for the right hotel room, the following are typically well priced: Siam Sawasdee, Loma Resort & Spa, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, Sawasdee Sea View, Chaba Hut Resort & Spa, Sigma Resort Jomtien and Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya.

These venues have nice accommodations and all the basic amenities.

Recommended Budget Dining

While traveling to Pattaya you will want to find good, reliable food without busting the budget. These recommended restaurants are all respected restaurants that have reliable food and the right price: Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza/Italian), JJ Pizza (Pizza/Italian), Queen Victoria Inn (English Pub), Rice Mill (Chinese), Vientiane (Thai, Indonesian), Tips (Breakfast), Pig 'n Whistle (English Pub), Art Heidelberg (German) Henry J. Bean's (Mexican, Steak), Lobster Pot (Seafood), Pectopah (Russian) and PIC Kitchen.

You may also want to explore some of the local restaurants. Not all restaurants have air conditioning so you will want to make sure they do.

Recommended Recreation on a Budget

Many people visiting Pattaya look for less expensive recreation. There are a number of options that cost little or nothing at all including: Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, touring area temples, swimming and other sport. Other great venues that are not budget busters but worth the expense are: Orchid Farms, Million Years Tone Park & Crocodile Farm, Ripley's World of Entertainment and Sri Racha Tiger Zoo.

The best thing to do is to consider your overall budget and then determine the best way to spend your budget. Perhaps you want to spend less on accommodations and more on recreation. Others may prefer to spend more money on accommodations and less money on recreation or dining.

Many hotels offer a considerable amount of recreation ranging from a pool and tennis courts, to much more elaborate options. We do recommend when on a budget that you chart out your best way to spend your budget and then review our top recommendations in each category. We offer generally pricing information for hotels, restaurants, activities and recreation.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008