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Pattaya Overview | Pattaya travel information

Pattaya is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, tourist destination in all of South East Asia. Drawing visitors from both the local community including Bangkok to the International community including Europe, Asia the United States and beyond, Pattaya attracts over 5 million visitors each year.

Pattaya offers something for everyone that makes it a great place to visit for both locals and foreign travelers. The fact that so many Thai people visit Pattaya as a holiday destination is a testament to its offerings.

Local Tourism in Pattaya

Local tourists visiting Pattaya enjoy its legendary beaches, especially Jomtien Beach. The golf, tennis, football, beach football, horseback riding, swimming and other water sports make it an attractive holiday destination for people with diverse tastes.

The stunning nightlife is as exciting for Thai people as it is for visitors from around the world. Many people flock to the beer bars, Go-go bars, gay bars and cabaret shows that make Pattaya famous.

Local tourists enjoy the wide and diverse cuisine offerings at the restaurants in the hotels, resorts and streets of Pattaya. From Asian food to European food, from American food to Indian food visitors can find restaurants that meet their needs and tastes.

International Tourism in Pattaya

Visitors from Europe, Asia and the Americas visit Pattaya annually for many of the same reasons. Add shopping, golf and more daytime and nighttime recreation than they dreamed possible and you will understand why people fly to Pattaya from around the world.

Many visitors point to the tropical climate, diverse recreation and great prices as why they visit Pattaya for business, holidays or a combination of the two. Pattaya is as popular with singles and couples as it is with families looking for a great destination.

The tourism industry in Pattaya is booming and will continue to boom as people learn more about this great resort community. Pattaya is the hub of local and International tourism in Thailand.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007