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Pattaya - Inexpensive Luxury

Pattaya Overview | Pattaya attractions and sightseeing

Pattaya is a popular holiday destination because it has everything a holiday destination should have and it remains a relatively inexpensive destination. Even the most luxurious resorts and hotels in Pattaya remain comparably inexpensive.

Pattaya - Affordable Recreation

Holiday seekers with limitless budgets and holiday seekers on a tight budget can all enjoy Pattaya. Many of the most popular attractions in Pattaya remain relatively inexpensive including the legendary beaches and water sports. Family destinations include the water parks, theme parks, amusement parks and museums are quite affordable which makes Pattaya very family friendly.

Dining in Pattaya - Affordable Alternatives

Travelers looking to splurge on their meals will find a number of high-end restaurants. Even the high-end restaurants are quite economic when compared to other resort cities. Those looking for very affordable alternatives can find them. Try dining at any of these very affordable restaurants: Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza/Italian), JJ Pizza (Pizza/Italian), Queen Victoria Inn (English Pub), Rice Mill (Chinese), Vientiane (Thai, Indonesian), Tips (Breakfast) and Pig 'n Whistle (English Pub).

Inexpensive Lodging in Pattaya

Compare the prices of 5-star resorts in Pattaya to other destinations and you can easily see why people find Pattaya so relatively inexpensive. True bargain hunters can find really inexpensive accommodations at budget hotels, resorts and guesthouses. Those vacationers looking for known hotels on a budget should consider: Sigma Resort Jomtien, Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, Royal Orchid Resort and Royal Cliff Beach Resort. There are less expensive hotels to be found, but these prove to have superior value for their price.

Inexpensive lodging can also be found in Inns, private homes and smaller hotels. It is possible to have a very inexpensive holiday in Pattaya while enjoying its spectacular beaches, daytime recreation and legendary nightlife.

Public transportation is also inexpensive when compared to other resort communities. Bargain hunters rave about the shopping in Pattaya. When compared to many other resort communities of similar quality it is easy to see why many people consider Pattaya to be inexpensive paradise.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2007