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Living in and around Pattaya, offers a unique lifestyle for residents and nearby residents. The tourism industry provides employment opportunities in the service industry and local artisans have millions of people looking at their products each year.

Diverse Lifestyle of Pattaya

Pattaya is a melting pot. The four primary influences on the lifestyle in Pattaya are: Thai, Chinese, American and Australian. This diversity has created a unique atmosphere that is open and accepting. The accepting nature of Pattaya is evident in its diverse offerings including gay and lesbian bars, transgender bars and shows, biker bars, family attractions and even its adult industry (prostitution).

Many people settle in and around Pattaya for the economic opportunities that arise from the booming tourist industry as well as because of its diversity.

The travel industry also helps keep property values high as money is pumped into the local economy.

Pattaya's Population

Pattaya's indigenous population is roughly 200,000 people. The locals are a diverse group of people that thrive on the energy of Pattaya and its economy that is directly tied to tourism. Visitors are welcomed to Pattaya and though there are some locals who try to run scams, Pattaya is a relatively safe city for travelers.

The prostitution industry is pronounced and it is legal as long as the person is over 18 years old. All "of age" residents have an ID card and visitors should demand to see their ID card in order to stay out of trouble with the law. The legal age of consent (non-prostitutes) is 15 years old.

Making Money in Pattaya

Pattaya employs hundreds of thousands of Thai men, women and young adults in the hotels, resorts, restaurants, attractions, shops and recreation that thrives in Pattaya. People also earn money by driving songtaews, motorbike taxis, taxis, etc.

Tailors find no shortage of business in Pattaya and local artisans can sell their products to eager visitors to Pattaya. Industrious and talented residents have opportunities to make a decent living in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 06 Jan 2008

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