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Pattaya Overview | Beware fo scams in Pattaya

Visitors to Pattaya often fear falling prey to one or more of the Pattaya tourist traps. Searching for information before you head to Pattaya is a good way to ensure you have a great holiday or business trip in Pattaya.

There are some basic scams to keep in mind so you do not fall into one of the common Pattaya tourist traps. First and foremost be careful when speaking to songthaew drivers. If you are asking about the route make sure the driver is not confusing your question with a request to turn the songthaew into a private charter. This is a common scam so be clear and concise if you want to avoid it. If you see an empty or mostly empty songthaew you will want to avoid it.

Another common scam that is one of the biggest Pattaya tourist traps involves boarding one of the ferries or boats to the nearby islands. You will be told that your photo needs to be taken for "security reasons" but in reality your photo is being taken and then you are going to be conned into paying for the photo - do not fall for this common Pattaya tourist trap.

If you are taking a taxi or car service make sure you find out all fees upfront. Many of the taxi drivers and other car service drivers conveniently fail to mention that you will be responsible for tolls and their "all inclusive" price is not so all inclusive.

The Pattaya Bus Terminal is another of the popular Pattaya tourist traps. Make sure you are not conned into getting on a local bus rather than an express bus by an overzealous bus driver. Go to the counter and get an express bus ticket and get clear directions on how and where to board the bus.

These are some of the common Pattaya tourist traps you want to be aware of and avoid. Otherwise have a great time in Pattaya and use your best judgment and common sense and you will undoubtedly love your holiday in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2007