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When playing Pattaya holidays it is important to remember to pack properly so you are well prepared. Pattaya is an amazing and diverse city with much to offer. Having the right clothes and other necessities can help you enjoy Pattaya holidays to the fullest extent.

Pattaya Holidays - Packing for Recreation

Pattaya holidays will give you the opportunity to enjoy many recreation options. Knowing what you enjoy doing and packing appropriately is important. Tennis or athletic shoes, comfortable shorts and shirts are important. If you enjoy swimming or other water sports you should consider packing one or more bathing suits.

Comfortable clothing is important, but also remember that the Thai culture finds feet dirty so you may want to leave your flip-flops at home or at the hotel when sightseeing. You should bring both comfortable footwear and dressy footwear because you may want to visit one or more of the best Pattaya restaurants during your stay.

Golf is legendary in Pattaya and many people on Pattaya holidays enjoy a round or two of golf. You will want to check ahead and make sure you have clothing with you that complies with the dress code of the course, for example men need to have a collared shirt and shorts need to be a certain length on most courses.

You should consider packing sun block and anything else you will need to sustain yourself in the sun. Make sure it is waterproof whether or not you think you will take a dip in the pool or at the beach.

Pattaya Holidays - Packing for Nightlife

Some nights you will want to dress to impress while other nights you may want to go casual make sure you pack clothing for both types of evenings. Men may want to have a light, dressy jacket and a casual jacket and ladies want to be prepared for discos, bars and clubs, casual and fancier restaurants.

Though the dress code in most of Pattaya is casual you may want to pack in anticipation of attending an upscale restaurant or other venue.

Comfortable shoes are important and you want to make sure you protect your valuables especially when you are going out for a night on the town. Passports and other important documents and cards can be stored in a safe place.

Pattaya Holidays: Other Essentials

Make sure you pack any medications and other essential grooming items. Though many hotels and resorts offer these amenities you may want to make sure you have the things you like the most.

If you think you may drive while in Pattaya make sure you have your driver's license and International driving permit. You should always have proper identification when you travel, especially overseas.

An umbrella should be packed especially if your Pattaya holiday is during the rainy season, but it is a good idea to pack one regardless.

The more you think ahead and prepare the better off you will be. Smart travelers create check lists and make sure they pack everything before leaving. Make sure you have what you need so you can enjoy great Pattaya holidays.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007