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Jameson's Irish Pub

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When you combine the fun of Pattaya nightlife with the fun of a traditional Irish pub you know you are going to have a pretty great pub. Jameson's Irish Pub is a traditional Irish pub set in Pattaya.

A favorite of visitors who want to enjoy a solid meal, a pint or two of their favorite beer and perhaps catch their favorite sporting event on the television, Jameson's Irish Pub is one of the most popular Pattaya pubs.

Visitors can make an entire night at Jameson's including a good meal, great drinks and plenty of entertainment. Come with a big appetite and order one of the all you can eat meals or try any of the traditional, quality dishes. Generous portions, fair prices and great service all add to the allure of Jameson's Irish Pub.

There are several Pattaya pubs to choose from, but Jameson's Irish Pub remains the most popular based on the quality of food, drinks and service. Visit Jameson's Irish Pub during your stay in Pattaya and see why it is one of the best Pattaya pubs.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008