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La Notte Pub and Restaurant

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If Pattaya pubs interest you, then La Notte Pub and Restaurant on Walking Street in South Pattaya should be added to your list of Pattaya restaurants and pubs to visit.

Everything about this pub is inviting. From its candlelit terrace to its comfortable seating and décor, to its great mood music, a visit to La Notte Pub & Restaurant in Pattaya is enjoyable from beginning to end.

The air-conditioned pub looks spectacular and the food, wine and drinks are equally great. A mix of European cuisine with a heavy Italian slant, combined with terrific drinks and warm service create the right tone and atmosphere in one of the newest Pattaya pubs.

The pub is located at the end of Walking Street (Bali Hai Pier). The trendy, modern pub does not disappoint. Whether you are going for drinks, tapas, a full meal or any combination you will enjoy your entire evening at La Notte Pub & Restaurant.

Like many Pattaya pubs, La Notte Pub opens at 6:00PM and stays open late. This is one of the most highly recommended of the Pattaya pubs. La Notte Pub & Restaurant should be high on your list of Pattaya restaurants and pubs.

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2008