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Pattaya Restaurants | Pattaya restaurants you must visit on your holiday

Pattaya restaurants come in many shapes, sizes, cuisines and price points. First-time visitors are often overwhelmed with the number of Pattaya restaurants to choose from.

Some choose Pattaya restaurants based on their type of cuisine. Other visitors choose Pattaya restaurants based on their location and still other visitors pick Pattaya restaurants based on their price.

In the end, most visitors to Pattaya would prefer to pick Pattaya restaurants based on recommendations.

If you are visiting Pattaya these are the MUST EAT AT restaurants of Pattaya:

The Rice Mill - this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. Located in the Marriott Hotel & Spa, this is one of the best Pattaya restaurants. Moderately priced, great dinners can be enjoyed at this "must eat" Pattaya restaurant.

Bruno's - the best French restaurant in Pattaya. This restaurant may be out of some visitors' budgets but it is worth the splurge to enjoy wonderful French food in the best French Pattaya restaurant.

PIC Kitchen - this unique Pattaya restaurant serves great Thai food in a unique setting. You can choose to dine on a floor table or a traditional table (western tradition) and enjoy great food followed by great music in the Jazz Pit.

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel - terrific Indian food is on the menu at this restaurant located in the hotel. For those on a much tighter budget you should head over to Ali Baba for some good Indian food.

The Mez - one of the trendiest Pattaya restaurants. This Chinese restaurant is located in the Sheraton Hotel and is considered one of the best restaurants in Pattaya.

Symphony Brasserie - a great restaurant that is fast making its way up the list of best Pattaya restaurants. The restaurant serves International cuisine and should be on your must eat list.

The Lobster Pot - good inexpensive, fresh seafood is on the menu at this tourist favorite. The price is right, the food is great if you like seafood and steaks this should be one of your top Pattaya restaurants.

Though there are other great Pattaya restaurants these are some of the "must eat" at Pattaya restaurants.

Last Updated: 19 Dec 2007