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Queen Victoria Inn

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The Queen Victoria Inn in Central Pattaya on 2nd Road is more than just a Pattaya pub. This fun and friendly venue is an English hotel, pub and restaurant. The very inexpensively priced rooms combined with the fun atmosphere and solid English menu make the Queen Victoria Inn a favorite to visitors on a budget.

With all of the beers you would expect in a British Pub, this Pattaya pub keeps guests happy with fast and friendly service and very reasonably priced drinks. The menu has some solid meals at very fair prices.

Visitors like the fact that Queen Victoria Inn is not overly fancy but is warm and inviting. If you are looking for an alternative to the dance clubs, Go-Go bars and show bars than you will want to consider a Pattaya pub or beer bar. Though there are many to choose from there are very few authentic British pubs in Pattaya.

The staff at Queen Victoria Inn work hard to make sure you have a good time while at the Pub and after you leave. Quick with advice and to lend a helping hand you will find everyone at Queen Victoria Inn fun and friendly.

Put Queen Victoria Inn on your list of Pattya pubs to visit.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008