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Tequila Reef Cantina and Restaurant

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People looking for fun Pattaya restaurants will enjoy one of the most popular Pattaya Mexican restaurants: Tequila Reef Cantina & Restaurant. Located a short distance from the beach on Soi7 Pattaya Beach Road this is an example of fun Pattaya restaurants.

Traditional Mexican dishes including build your own plates make this one of the most popular Pattaya Mexican restaurants. Families, groups, singles and couples all enjoy visiting Tequila Reef Cantina & Restaurant.

Visitors looking for Pattaya Mexican restaurants are also looking for some great drinks and Tequila Reef Cantina does not disappoint. There are great drinks served in a lively atmosphere by a friendly and attentive staff.

If you are traveling to Pattaya on a budget, this restaurant is a great choice. Quality, plentiful food served at great prices is what this popular Pattaya Mexican restaurant is all about.

Visit one of the most fun Pattaya restaurants - Tequila Reef Cantina and Restaurant.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008