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Recommended Restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya Restaurants | Eating out in Pattaya

Recommended restaurants in Pattaya vary from person to person. Your individual tastes in food will have a major influence on which of the recommended restaurants is most likely to hit your fancy.

In Thailand food is very important. There are great restaurants throughout Thailand including a number of recommended restaurants in Pattaya. One of the comments that many travelers make is that there are restaurants to fit nearly any budget and cuisine preferences.

When traveling to Pattaya you have the option to enjoy the recommended restaurants that serve Thai food, or choose one that serves your favorite cuisine including Italian, Indian, Mexican, French, German and British.

While visiting Pattaya you may want to try one of its two signature dishes: Tom Yum Goong and Somtam.

Recommended Restaurants in Pattaya by Price

Many travelers have a budget and because of that it is important to know how expensive a restaurant is. Below are some of the recommended restaurants by price:

Least Expensive

Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza/Italian), JJ Pizza (Pizza/Italian), Queen Victoria Inn (English Pub), Rice Mill (Chinese), Vientiane (Thai, Indonesian), Tips (Breakfast), and Pig 'n Whistle (English Pub).

Moderately Priced

Art Heidelberg (German) Henry J. Bean's (Mexican, Steak), Lobster Pot (Seafood), Pectopah (Russian) and PIC Kitchen.

Higher Priced

Bruno's (French), Royal Cliff Beach Hotel (Indian), Shenanigans (Pub) and Sugar Hut.

Recommended Restaurants in Pattaya by Cuisine

When it's cuisine that matters, the following recommended restaurants in Pattaya specialize in specific type of food.

European Restaurants in Pattaya

If a taste of Europe is what you want, you can't go wrong with: Alt Heidelberg (German), Art Café (Mediterranean), Bruno's, (French), Casa Pascal, Da Joe (Italian), Ciao (Italian), The Bay (Italian), The Grill Room and Symphony Brasserie. Ciao is the least expensive option (pizza, Italian fare) and Bruno's is the most expensive (French cuisine).

Asian & Indian Restaurants in Pattaya

Travelers looking to enjoy Asian and Indian food can enjoy a great meal at any of the following recommended restaurants in Pattaya: Ali Baba (Indian), Empress of China (Cantonese), Indian by Nature (Indian), Kabuto Kakiniku (Japanese), The Maharani (Indian) and Marco Polo (Chinese). Empress of China is the most upscale of these restaurants.

Thai Food

To enjoy authentic Thai food you should consider trying: PIC Kitchen, Siam Elephant, Sugar Hut, and Vientiane Kitchen. Sugar Hut is the most upscale of the Thai restaurants recommended.

This list of recommended restaurants in Pattaya is not all inclusive. You may wish to ask the staff at your hotel what his or her recommended restaurants in Pattaya are.

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2007