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Pattaya Restaurants | Dining in Pattaya

Pattaya restaurants line all the most popular streets and add a tasty element to many of the hotels and guest houses. Finding the right Pattaya restaurants can help you enjoy your time in Pattaya.

There are many wonderful restaurants to choose from and the Pattaya restaurants on this list are not the only good restaurants in the city. We have broken the list of Pattaya Restaurants into types of cuisine to assist you.

Pattaya Restaurants - European Food

Travelers looking for Pattaya restaurants that serve European food can get a good meal at any of the following restaurants: Alt Heidelberg (German), Art Café (Mediterranean), Bruno's, (French), Casa Pascal, Da Joe (Italian), Ciao (Italian), The Bay (Italian), The Grill Room and Symphony Brasserie. Those restaurants without a specific cuisine mentioned serve a diverse European menu.

Each of these Pattaya restaurants have delighted diners consistently. These Pattaya restaurants are air conditioned for your comfort. Remember not all restaurants in Pattaya are air conditioned.

Pattaya Restaurants - Indian & Asian Food

If you are looking for Asian food or Indian food you have a number of choices. Each of these restaurants has excellent reputations and may be worth a try: Ali Baba (Indian), Empress of China (Cantonese), Indian by Nature (Indian), Kabuto Kakiniku (Japanese), The Maharani (Indian) and Marco Polo (Chinese).

Pattaya Restaurants - Thai Food

While in Rome, do what the Romans do. While in Pattaya, enjoy authentic Thai food. There are many Thai food restaurants in Pattaya. Among the most popular and well received of the Thai Pattaya Restaurants are: PIC Kitchen, Siam Elephant, Sugar Hut, and Vientiane Kitchen.

A truly unique experience is PIC Kitchen with traditional floor seating. This upscale restaurant has a great reputation and is an authentic experience.

Pattaya Restaurants - International Cuisine

There are many restaurants to choose from in Pattaya. Some Pattaya restaurants serve a specific cuisine while others have a more International cuisine. Those restaurants that do not have a specific cuisine listed have a more International menu.

You can have an enjoyable meal at many Pattaya restaurants, we recommend the following options: Café New Orleans (Cajun), Lobster Pot (Seafood), Henry J. Beans (Mexican), Mata Hari, Paradise and King Seafood (Seafood).

Pattaya Restaurants - Breakfast

If you are looking for good breakfast options, you may want to consider Baywatch Café (outstanding breakfast selections as you enjoy a view of the beach), Greg's Kitchen (English fry-ups with great service), Pig & Whistle (British), Shenanigans (Irish) and Au Bon Pain (continental breakfast selections).

Enjoy this selection of Pattaya restaurants and all the wonderful meals served at each and everyone of these respected Pattaya restaurants.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007