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Pattaya jewelry is reason enough to visit Pattaya. Add in all of the other recreation and nightlife and you can see why people willing to travel for great deals on jewelry view Pattaya as the ultimate destination.

Handcrafted jewelry and gems are highly sought after and readily available in Pattaya at great prices. Shoppers with a good eye can take risks with some of the merchants who do not offer a certificate of guarantee while other shoppers have options for buying their jewelry and gemstones at reputable jewelry stores that offer certificates of value.

Pattaya Jewelry - Where to Shop

There is a large concentration of gold shops around the market at South Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road near Second Road. This concentration of gold shops makes them more competitive and more willing to negotiate with shoppers. There is also a significant concentration of jewelry shops near the south end of Beach Road.

The Pattaya World Gems shops have very reputable shops and you will receive a guarantee of quality when shopping there.

Pattaya Jewelry - What to Remember

While shopping for jewelry in Pattaya you want to use your best judgment and common sense. Most merchants are willing to negotiate but it is important to remember to be respectful and never insult a Thai person. Thai people take personal attacks very seriously.

Use your common sense when traveling with cash, like any resort destination there is a criminal element looking to take advantage of visitors.

Not all jewelry in Pattaya will prove to be authentic. Unless you feel qualified to determine the authenticity of gem stones and other jewelry you may consider shopping at only reputable jewelry stores.

Pattaya jewelry is diverse and stunning. Many travelers marvel at the jewelry that is available in Pattaya and the bargains they can find. Bargain hunters and both casual and hardcore jewelry shoppers love Pattaya jewelry.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007