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Mike Shopping Mall

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Pattaya shopping is a sport in and of itself. Serious and casual shoppers alike love Pattaya shopping. The unique buys, the great prices and the fun atmosphere all combine to make Pattaya shopping a great experience.

As you scope out and plan your Pattaya shopping experience you will want to add Mike Shopping Mall to your list. This mall of 5 floors of shopping is a great place to see some great buys. You have everything from clothes and leather goods to a supermarket and jewelry.

The stores are eclectic and the vendors work hard to get attention. Sure you will sift through piles of things you have no interest in, but you will also find some unique buys at the Mike Shopping Mall.

Part of what makes Pattaya shopping a unique experience is the ability to haggle with the vendors who want to make a sale. Mike Shopping Mall is a great place to find some interesting buys and negotiate a great price.

Visitors to Pattaya often say that Mike Shopping Mall is a hit or miss place but one you have to include on your Pattaya shopping itinerary. You can get Diesel jeans and other designer jeans for outrageously low prices at times. We strongly encourage you to add Mike Shopping Mall to your Pattaya shopping list.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007