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Pattaya Shopping | Planning your Pattaya shopping trip

Pattaya shopping will keep even the most avid shoppers happy day after day. There are many different things to shop for. Whether you like clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, art, food items or souvenirs you will find plenty of Pattaya shopping to keep a smile on your face.

When considering and planning your Pattaya shopping trip you may also want to include a great meal or two at some of the best restaurants in Pattaya. Whether you want something fast and easy or a more elaborate meal you should pick one of our recommended restaurants to try.

Pattaya Shopping: Clothes, Jewelry and Handicrafts

While shopping, you will see many 24-hour tailors. You can literally have a hand-made suit or dress completed while you sleep. You can buy well-crafted clothing at very low prices. Many travelers are impressed with the selection of high quality garments and custom made garments in Pattaya.

If jewelry shopping is more what you have in mind you will find a significant number of very high quality stores that have jewelry and gems for a range of budgets. The Pattaya World Gems shops have very reputable shops and you will receive a guarantee of quality when shopping there.

Pattaya shopping also includes a large number of handicraft stalls. Inexpensive furniture, jewelry, crafts, baskets and artwork will impress you as you are enticed to spend your money on well made, affordable handicrafts.

Nong Mon Market

Travelers looking for local souvenirs and other handicrafts will love a trip to Nong Mon Market. You will be able to buy a number of different local favorites ranging from s picy steamed fish cakes, to deep fried shrimp cakes and sweetened banana chips, as well as some great handicrafts.

Ang Sila

Pattaya shopping trips should include a very worthwhile trip to Ang Sila. This great little fishing village is one of the oldest seaside resorts in all of Thailand. Most famous for stone mortars and animal sculptures, this village also has some really great seafood restaurants to satisfy your hunger for food and shopping.

Whether you are looking for shopping in Pattaya to be the focal point of your trip or an add-on you will find no shortage of great things to buy. Casual shoppers and serious shoppers alike enjoy Pattaya shopping and the great buys that can be found. When you finish a day of hardcore Pattaya shopping you should consider relaxing by getting a traditional Thai massage followed by a leisurely meal at a great restaurant.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007