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A Shoppers Paradise

Pattaya Shopping | Shopping in Pattaya

Shopping in Pattaya is one of the main attractions of this great city. Beside the great beaches, terrific accommodations and recreations, incredible food and culture there is great shopping.

Casual shoppers and serious shoppers alike will enjoy the diverse shopping at their disposal and the great bargains that can be found.

The most popular shopping spots include: Big C, Mike's Shopping Mall, Foodland, Lotus Tesco Supermarket, Central Festival Shopping Centre ( a great combination of modern outlets and handicraft stalls) and Royal Garden Plaza.

Shopping in Pattaya: Suits, Dresses & Handmade Items

Pattaya is famous for 24-hour tailors that seem to be everywhere you look. Hand-made suits and dresses at outstanding prices are literally completed overnight. You will be amazed at the wonderful bargains and the fine craftsmanship. Business travelers may want to look at their suits (both men's and lady's).

Other handmade items in abundance are all of the handicraft factories near Pattaya. You will find beautiful and inexpensive furniture and jewelry, as well as items including crafts, baskets and artwork.

Jewelry is also popular among shoppers. There are a number of high quality stores that sell an enormous range of jewelry and gems for nearly every budget. There are also highly reputable shops at Pattaya World Gems where you can receive a guarantee of quality.

Shopping in Pattaya is thriving and there are always little shops and merchants looking to provide you with that special trinket that will help you remember your holiday or help brighten someone's day when you return from Pattaya.

Many of the shops are near great restaurants so you can enjoy a full day of shopping in Pattaya and include one or more wonderful meals. You should review our suggested restaurants for all budgets so you can choose the best places to dine as you enjoy your shopping in Pattaya.

Nong Mon Market

Nong Mon Market is famous for Chonburi's local souvenirs and handicrafts. You can buy dried seafood, hormonk (spicy steamed fish cakes), rice baked in bamboo, deep fried shrimp cakes (hoi-jor), sweetened banana chips and many other delights.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007