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Fast ways from Bangkok to Pattaya

Pattaya Transport | Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya

The proximity of Pattaya to Bangkok adds to the allure of this holiday destination place. An easy commute from Bangkok makes Pattaya a popular vacation destination for locals living in and around Bangkok. Business travelers to Bangkok often end their business with a short, or not so short holiday in Pattaya.

Corporate travelers visit Bangkok to transact business. Bangkok is one of the business capitals of the world which means millions of business men and women travel to and from Bangkok annually.

Pattaya's proximity to Bangkok and the ease of travel between the cities make Pattaya the ideal resort community for business travelers. Many businesses are also using Pattaya as a conference destination because of its blend of high quality hotels, great recreation and team building and unsurpassed nightlife.

Bangkok Feeds Pattaya

Bangkok helps feed the economy of Pattaya as business people visit Pattaya during or after their trip to Bangkok. Whether they are taking a weekend sojourn or a longer holiday in Pattaya, the fact that it is within driving distance to Bangkok is one of its chief allures to business travelers.

The economy of Pattaya has remained robust and less volatile as a result of the strong local tourist industry. Geopolitical influences can greatly impact International tourism, however, the strong local tourism helps stabilize the economy of Pattaya and make it attractive to all travelers.

A Taxi Ride Away

It is possible to get a taxi ride from Bangkok to Pattaya. Though this is not the most economical way to get to Pattaya, it is a comfortable and easily arranged trip that will have you enjoying the beaches and nightlife of Pattaya within 2 hours or sometimes less.

Visitors to Pattaya can actually see all the taxis that came from Bangkok and continue to operate in Pattaya until they are hired for a return trip to Bangkok. Bus lines and car services also provide transportation between Pattaya and Bangkok.

The resort community of Pattaya's proximity to the business center of Bangkok helps both of these cities remain attractive to business travelers. When transacting business in Bangkok or Pattaya remember that the Thai culture is deeply respectful and it is important to remain respectful and never embarrass or insult a Thai business person. Personal insults profoundly impact Thai business people and can result in severe consequences.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007