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Getting to Pattaya by Road

Pattaya Transport | Pattaya Busses & Songthaews

There are several options to get to Pattaya by road. The most cost-effective is taking a bus, there are also taxis that will take you to and from Pattaya and once in Pattaya you will take Pattaya buses and songthaews.

Pattaya busses include 1st class buses that depart from Bangkok's three primary bus terminals (Eastern, Northern and Southern) and Suvarnabhumi Airport. Each of these 1st class buses go to North Pattaya Road bust station. The 1st class buses are air conditioned and include an on-board toilet. These buses are non-stop to Pattaya. You can request certain stops on the bus.

The 2nd class bus service is also air conditioned but will typically not have an on-board toilet. The second class bus takes longer as it does not use the expressway and may make frequent stops. The benefit of frequent stops means you can get off closer to your destination once in Pattaya rather than going directly to the bus terminal.

In addition to Pattaya buses you may also take a mini-bus or taxi. You will want to compare the rates being requested with your other options and choose the best one for you. A taxi is the most expensive way to get to Pattaya by road, but for many it is the most convenient form of Pattaya transportation.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007