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There are a number of car and limousine companies that offer Pattaya limousine service. Though there is ample public transportation to help visitors get to and from Pattaya and other points of interest, some travelers prefer the convenience and comfort of a Pattaya limousine service.

It is important to price out the limousine service in advance. Typically you can book Pattaya Limousine service in advance of your trip and keep their telephone number and confirmation information handy.

Visitors to Pattaya may also be propositioned by car and limousine drivers offering them transportation. If you are going to hire a Pattaya limousine service in this manner make sure you clarify any and all charges that may apply. Visitors to Pattaya may find drivers running scams and that is why it is best to schedule your Pattaya luxury transportation in advance with a reputable Pattaya limousine company.

Some of the Pattaya limousine companies you may wish to contact are: Pattaya Limo, Image Limo and Thai Limousine.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007