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Visitors to Pattaya know that the best way to get around town is by motorcycle, though it is least safe. The most cost-effective way to get around Pattaya is by songthaew. For those who like taxis, there are Pattaya metered taxis.

These taxis are generally from Bangkok and are operating in Pattaya only until they can get a return trip to Bangkok. Metered taxis are going to be a little more cost effective than chartering a songthaew, but if you can take the traditional route of a songthaew they are the most cost effective.

If you are not used to driving under the conditions of Pattaya traffic you will want to avoid driving and stick to Pattaya metered taxis, songthaews and car service. Generally speaking most visitors find the transportation options to their satisfaction and do not rent vehicles though vehicle rental is available.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007