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In Pattaya motorcycles are seen zipping around the streets, many of which are operating as Pattaya transportation for visitors and locals. Motorcycle taxis in Pattaya are a fun, exciting, yet less than safe way to travel around Pattaya.

Visitors to Pattaya find driving in Pattaya to be somewhat treacherous and when you add to that the fact that Pattaya motorcycles operating as taxis frequently drive the wrong way up and down 1-way streets you can see why people opt to take songthaews and buses.

Pattaya transportation by Pattaya motorcycles is faster than by songthaew. The law states that only one passenger should be on a motorcycle taxi though it is not uncommon to see 2, 3 or 4 passengers on a motorcycle making it even more dangerous.

If you are looking for a fast mode of transportation and are up for the risk you may wish to consider Pattaya motorcycles as your form of Pattaya transportation.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007