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Pattaya public transportation options are a cost effective way to get around Pattaya. There are a number of different options to choose from. This rough information is subject to change but it will provide you with the basics for planning your trip and your use of public transportation.

Songthhaew - Getting Around Pattaya

Most people get around Pattaya on songthaews which are a cross between pickup trucks, buses and taxis. These sometimes referred to as Baht Buses as well. The fare is very inexpensive at only 5 baht for a trip anywhere in Pattaya, though visitors typically pay 10 baht. You do not need to have exact change but it will make it quicker and easier if you do.

Empty or mostly empty songthaews should be avoided, typically they are trying to run a scam where they will assume on your behalf that you want a private charger and try to charge you 100 baht or more. If you are interested in a private charter you can negotiate your fee with the driver.

You can expect the busiest route to be the beach circuit which runs from the junction of South Pattaya Road and Second Road north along Second Road to Dolphin Circle. These routes are extremely frequent and you never have to wait more than 10 - 30 seconds for the next songthaew.

You will have to ask the driver about the route but make sure you make it clear you are asking for information and not requesting a special charter. If you fail to make this clear you may be asked to pay 100 baht or more. Be as clear as possible. Also be prepared to be asked to get off the songthaew (and pay your fare) even before arriving at your destination if the driver was hired as a taxi. This is not too frequent but it can happen so you should be prepared.

If you are going to Jomtien the songthaews wait at the beginning of Pratamnak Road and cost 10 baht. For Naklua the songhtaew will go up Second Road to Dolphin Roundabout. If it makes a left or right turn at the Roundabout make sure you get off immediately.

Look for the white songthaews if you want to go to Sri Racha (20 baht). These travel along Sukhumvit Road.

If you think you are overcharged you want to remember the three-digit vehicle number (to left corner of windscreen) and report the problem to Pattaya City manager.

Pattaya Local Transportation - The Bus

Local buses are scheduled for every 30-minutes from scheduled stops and include wheelchair facilities. Local buses are not considered as reliable as songthaews and few people use them because of this. At various points scheduled or planned services have been terminated or never started.

Taxis (Cars & Motorbikes)

The fastest way around Pattaya are motorbike taxis. A moto-taxi is less expensive than a songthaew charger, but more expensive than a standard ride on a songthaew. This mode of transportation is much faster but is also considered less safe. Though 2 or more passengers can physically get on a motorbike taxi this is illegal! You will pay around 30-40 baht for a trip in town. There are a number of stands around Pattaya or you can flag down a driver.

Meter-taxis are fairly common in Pattaya as well. These taxis are from Bangkok and typically have brought a visitor in from Bangkok or the airport and will act as a local taxi driver until they get a return trip to Bangkok. These taxis are considerably more expensive than a songthaew and a motorbike taxi, you can expect to pay several hundred baht for a ride.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007