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Public transportation in Pattaya is economical and we recommend you use songthaews whenever possible.

Pattaya taxis are somewhat rare, they are mostly taxis from Bangkok that brought down travelers and are operating in Pattaya until they get the opportunity to bring someone from Pattaya back to Bangkok. Typically when people refer to Pattaya taxis they are actually referring to songthaews.

Songthaews are a cross between pickup trucks, buses and taxis. The fair is typically 10 Baht as long as you stay on the standard route (try to have exact change if at all possible, it will make using songthaews faster and with less hassle).

Songthaew drivers may try to take advantage of visitors and convert the ride to a charger if you accidentally request that the songthaew go off course and bring you somewhere specific. Avoid empty or mostly empty songthaews and make sure you are very clear with the driver that you are not chartering the songthaew.

In addition to Pattaya taxis and songthaews there are also motorbike taxis. Though these are typically faster than other modes of transportation they are also considered someonwe more dangerous. Only 1 passenger should be on a motorbike taxi at a time but it is not uncommon to see 2 or more passengers.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007