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Pattaya transportation is less about Pattaya taxis and more about Pattaya motorbike taxis and songthaews. Pattaya taxis are somewhat rare to find but they do exist. Most of the taxis you see driving in Pattaya are actually based out of Bangkok and were hired to bring someone to Pattaya and are operating in Pattaya as they await a return fare.

You will find taxis in Pattaya are more expensive than motorbike taxis and songthaews, but many visitors find them more comfortable and safer. Motorbike taxis are the fastest mode of transportation in Pattaya but are also considered the most dangerous. It is not uncommon to see the motorbike Pattaya taxis driving the wrong way down a 1-way street or being over burdened by 2 or more passengers.

When researching Pattaya transportation you can consider Pattaya taxis if you find them or Pattaya motorbike taxis if your brave or stick to the less costly and very common songthaews.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007