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Pattaya Weather | When to travel to Pattaya

Pattaya's climate is one of the primary reasons why people come back year after year.

Pattaya has fairly predictable weather to help people plan their holiday in Pattaya.

Many people break Pattaya's weather into three distinct seasons:

Pattaya Weather - Warm & Dry Season

From November to February, Pattaya has its best weather. Considered the high season for tourists, these months that produces cold weather in much of Europe and the Americas. In Pattaya the temperatures are warm and comfortable 20-30C. The humidity is lower this time of the year, capping at around 50%.

This high season for tourists produces packed beaches, bustling streets and an electric atmosphere throughout Pattaya. Business conferences and events compete with holiday travel and rooms are often difficult to get especially at the more popular hotels.

Water sports and outdoor activities are most enjoyed in this season and golfers flock to the courses in and around Pattaya.

Pattaya Weather - Hot & Dry Season

February to May produces hot, but still dry weather. A very popular season for business travelers and holiday travelers alike, Pattaya is hopping in this season. The temperature during these months is a hot 30-40 C and humidity jumps to about 75%. There is only occasional rain but you will see some spectacular thunder storms. Remember to watch the storms from a safe place.

Pattaya's tourism industry is very strong during this season for both business travelers and holiday travelers. Rooms can sometimes be difficult to get at the more popular hotels and resorts.

Pattaya Weather - Warm, Wet Monsoon Season

June to October is when Pattaya is in Monsoon Season. Hotels and resorts lower their prices to attract travelers and seem to succeed. The temperature ranges from 25 - 35C but there are also heavy, prolonged rains. Humidity is usually around 90%.

Despite the higher humidity and heavy rains, Pattaya gets its fair share of visitors. The nightlife is still hopping and both local and International travelers enjoy the bargains they receive since this season is not as busy as the high seasons. Visitors are encouraged to bring umbrellas which will be much more useful than other types of rain gear.

Last Updated: 10 Sep 2007